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Currently, cancer patients and HBOT therapy are being studied in four different ways. 

1. HBOT allows doctors to use more radiation. As doctors are limited to certain amounts of radiation because of patient tolerance, HBOT allows the doctor to administer more radiation to help kill the cancer cells all while the patient is having less side effects. 

2. HBOT allows patients to use less chemo. Studies of patients utilizing HBOT with their chemo therapy saw much lighter treatment course and significantly fewer side effects. 

3. Using HBOT naturally kills cancer and heals surrounding tissue. Unfortunately with today's treatments of radiation or chemo the cancer and healthy cells are being killed since the treatment can not distinguish between a healthy and cancerous cell. This is what leaves the cancer patients feeling ill. 

4. Research continues with the effects of ketosis, fasting, and HBOT therapy as a way to naturally kill the cancer cells. Understanding cancer cells, they thrive in high sugar and low oxygen environment. However, with the combination of these three natural cancer-killing tactics (no sugar, high oxygen environment), patients healthy cells are able to help kill the cancer cells. 

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